Mid-Atlantic Code Camp Session Schedule - May 7th, 2005 (updated)

Web Track Smart Client Track Data Track Process/Design Track SOA End-to-End
Registration &
Keynote/Intro (starting at 9:30am)
Session 1
Randy Hayes
Building Advanced Custom Server Controls
Brian Noyes
Secure Smart Client Deployment and Update with ClickOnce
Sreedhar Koganti
Data Access in ASP.NET 2.0
Warren Steger
MSF for Agile Software Development - An Overview
Ray Barley
Building an ASP.NET 2.0 SOA Client Application
Session 2
Julie Lerman
Web Services Security for Humans: Security Fundamentals
Frank La Vigne
The Tablet PC as a Pretty Smart Client
Carney Clegg
Using XML with SQL Server
Vishwas Lele
Tool Up Your Software Development Process using Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Andrew Lader
Building a Windows Forms 2.0 SOA Client Application
Session 3
Sandra Clark
Cascading Style Sheets - Demystifying the Box Model
Brian Noyes
Smart Client Offline Data Caching and Synchronization
Hal Hayes
Working with XML Data using XQuery and ADO.NET
Darrell Norton
Using TDD with Database Applications
Dwayne Taylor
Using Web Services Enhancements (WSE) to Build Secure Web Services
Session 4
Scott Allen
Debugging Tips, Tools, and Strategies
Bill Ryan
Having Fun with Sql Mobile
Julie Lerman
What's New in ADO.NET 2.0
Brian Noyes
Microsoft Application Blocks Chalk Talk
Scott McHugh
Using BizTalk Server 2004 to Implement the SOA Architecture
Session 5
Sreedhar Koganti
ASP.NET Assembly Compilation - Inside and Out
Brian Noyes
Tackle Complex Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0
Sahil Malik
Concurrency Management Techniques in ADO.NET 2.0 Real Code
Jonathan Cogley
TDD with ASP.NET NUnitAsp Best Practices
Brian Lawton
SQL Server 2005
Session 6
Vishwas Lele
 Ajax Style of Development with ASP.Net
Michael Smith Personas for Better Apps Jeff Schoolcraft
Demystifying Regular Expressions
Sahil Malik
Configuration Management in an XP world
Open Q&A Session
Wrap-up, Q&A, and raffle
Wrap-up, Q&A, and raffle